3 Tips on Growing In & Shaping Your Brows from Sania Vucetaj

Confession: I've been getting my brows shaped since I was in eighth grade.  Now, I'd do anything to have those brows back.  As ungroomed they may have been, they were full and beautiful.  Now, after years of waxing, threading and plucking, believe it or not I'm in an OK place, but need to be in a great place in time for my wedding!  I paid my first visit to Sania Vucetaj, a brow specialist recommended to me by Kathie Lee and Hoda, about three months ago and she gave me one piece of advice that in my seven years of reporting beauty I've never heard before and it changed everything.  

  1. Don't moisturize your brow area.  Just by experimenting on her own Sania found that when she skipped moisturizing her brow area, her hairs would fall out less and grow in.  "For me, it was a breakthrough," she says.  I put it to the test.  Three months later a gap I had in-between my brow and new growth was full!  It's hard to break out of the habit of slathering moisturizer all over your face, but seriously skip your brow area for growth!
  2. Stay away from magnifying mirrors.  "Nobody should see that much," she remarks.  "When you see too much, you lose perspective and you just keep plucking causing a domino effect." At the end of the day, one notices the little, light hairs underneath like you think they do. They only notice the good brow.  Remember, clean does not mean shape.
  3. Tweeze once every two weeks.  "Every hair makes a statement so tweezing is the most precise way to control your shape," she explains.  If you have hairs peeking through before your two weeks is up cover them with powder based nude eye shadow and remember less is more.