The Easiest Excerise I Do That Promises Lean, Toned Legs

When I hit the gym I try to change up my routine so I don't get bored and am constantly working different muscles.  When I can, I take classes, but when they don't fit into my schedule I'll do a half hour of cardio and then weasel my way into the weight area (which is normally pretty crowded), carve my space out and do my thing.  In other words, I push myself to do exercises I learned in classes or from my former trainer (who I miss dearly).  Here's a simple, yet killer routine I learned from my trainer that guarantees toned legs. 1. Hold a weight in your right (I hold 7.5 or 10 lb. weights) hand and curtsy to the right.  (Tip: When you bend your right knee, make sure your knee goes directly over your toes and not to the right or left.

2. Switch sides and do the same thing on your left side, bringing the weight to your left hand.  (Tip: Make sure you keep your back straight and chest up).

3. Repeat for four sets of eight reps taking 30 second breaks in between.

It's so simple!  You're just curtsying back and forth with a weight.  It's toning your whole lower half and trust me, after so many reps, you'll feel the burn!