Get Sexy Skin Now

With one more month left of summer you better believe I'll be getting the most out of my new bikini's and sporting my minis all over NYC.  Make sure you enjoy the last few days too!  I spoke with Dr. Ellen Gendler to get some tips on how to get sexy summer skin so you can feel confident showing off your legs, back and everything in between. Rid Hair: Even though I try and test every form of hair removal out there I still steal my boyfriends razor from time to time.  I really do think I get a great shave from them, but Dr. Gendler made me put an end to it!  "You’ll get the same close shave with a woman’s razor, except you’ll be able to reach those curvy areas that tend to get missed with a razor that doesn’t pivot."  I can second that.

She recommends Venus ProSkin MoistureRich, because not only does it have the pivoting head, but also because of the moisturizing shave bars around the blades.  Immediately after you shower, towel off and apply moisturizer to ensure for maximum absorption and silky smooth skin.

Minimize Scars & Hide Spider Veins: "Massaging the affected area can help flatten a raised scar and using Vitamin E or other oil can minimize the friction while massaging," comments Dr. Gendler.  I like using Bio Oil on scars and stretch marks.  It really does minimize them over time.  For spider veins, I cover them with Cover FX Concealor.  It even hides tattoos.

Clear Backne: "Never scrub back acne," exclaims Dr. Gendler.  "It will only irritate it more."  Try an over-the-counter salicylic acid or benzyol peroxide cream and if conditions remain the same or worsen seek a dermatologists.