How To Get Naomi Watts New Do'

With her chiseled features and striking beauty, Naomi Watts can do no wrong in the hair department. I'm in awe of her fearlessness in experimenting! At the recent premiere of Salt, she once again failed to disappoint – showing off a flattering collarbone length bob with side-swept bangs. While not all of us are blessed with Naomi’s chameleon-like abilities on the red carpet, anyone can achieve this modern look with the right styling tips and products. Stylist Robert Vetica made the length “a bit longer in front and slightly higher in back,” and first cut the bangs “long and blunt, then razored and texturized to about the bridge of the nose” to create a fresh and healthy appearance.

To get Naomi’s naturally fine strands looking smoother, Vetica applied Moroccanoil Light to her damp hair, which acts as a detangler and helps to fight frizz – without making it greasy. After blow drying,... Vetica used Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to achieve added shine and polish. One of Vetica's top hairspray tricks is to mist the hair quickly holding the bottle about 6" away and then immediately sliding a comb through it.  This will to loosen the look while keeping its hold.  A combination of low maintenance and Hollywood glamour at its best!

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