How To Get Him To Upgrade His Grooming Loot

As anyone who reads this blog knows, we're the type of girls who sometimes purchase products just for their packaging (OK maybe more often than not), spend the extra $5 to get the gift with purchase and really do care how our perfumes look displayed on our bathroom counters.  It matters!  Now think about your man, if he had the same habits as you it could be considered a turn off (does the term metro-sexual even exist anymore?). However, when thinking about grooming compared to primping, if your man has the appropriate tools to manscape, and cared about his loot as much as you did yours, you'll benefit from the results.  Follow? Therefore, the best thing to do is to gift your boyfriend "just because" with manly products that he understands, but wouldn't necessarily buy for himself.

Example: The Art of Shaving 4 Elements to A Perfect Shave Kit, $100

For one, your man's not going to splurge on this for himself when he can use his one drugstore product to rid hair.  Slip this into being part of his birthday gift and tell him you thought he'd love the experience of getting the "barbershop shave" at-home.  Not his birthday?  Sometimes instead of purchasing another new cocktail ring or fall perfume for yourself think about him instead.  This is the first step to getting him to upgrade all of his products and the way he thinks about grooming.  It may be so worth it!

The Art of Shaving Kit comes with pre-shave oil (to soften the hair for a closer shave), shaving cream, after shave balm (super moisturizing) and a shaving brush.  His skin will feel as soft as a baby's bottom and his side of the medicine cabinet will look almost as nice as yours.  I mean, if I were a guy I'd totally want that little brush thing.