How to Get A Perfect Butt

Lately I've been obsessing over getting a perfect booty.  What girl doesn't want one?  As a regular fitness guru I workout about five times a week and would say I'm overall "in shape," but of course, never satisfied.  The booty however... is no where near where it needs to be. OK enough about my booty... let's talk about nice butts in general.  Striving for a backside like Kim Kardashian is like shooting for the stars (especially if you're a tiny white girl like me), but getting a nice, round butt isn't.  I can't get over the fact that people are paying about $10,000 for silicone butt implants!  I mean, will they become as accepted and popular as breast implants one day?

Another option – fat injections – the Brazilian butt lift.  This is... where fat from your thighs or stomach is removed and then strategically injected into your booty to shape it and make it bigger. Sounds like a dream come true to me!  But, is it practical?

My choice - squats and lunges.  I'm currently obsessed.  Even though I've always incorporated them into my workout routine, it's go time.  Looking to get your ass in gear (literally) check out my new workout:

Starting on your right side and do a set of ten lunges. Next, go right into squat jumps, where you stand feet hips distance apart, squat and jump up.  Repeat ten times.  Then, do a set of ten lunges on the left side.  Repeat this exercise pyramiding down the number of reps so the next time around do sets of nine, then eight, etc.

It's intense!  But I'm gonna get that booty!