How to Find A Wedding Day Makeup Artist

With seven months to go, Joe and I have our biggest wedding vendors booked and I'm concentrating on perhaps the biggest decisions of the day.  Who will do my hair and makeup?  Yes, I'm blessed to work in an industry where I know so many, but this is personal.  I had a gut feeling about my makeup artist, already had my trial with her and booked her!  Planning a wedding?  Here's what you need to know about going for a makeup trial and nailing the right artist for your big day.

I met my wedding day makeup artist, Maribeth Madron, at an industry event in the beginning of the summer.  Since, she's been shaping my brows monthly and I've come to learn of her background and expertise as a makeup artist who's worked extensively for brands like Laura Mercier and is currently the Global Brow Expert for Maybelline.  A true artist, with positive, yet calm energy, I knew I'd be in good hands.  My trial proved my gut instinct was on point and I couldn't be more excited to work with her.

Typically, you should schedule your makeup trial six months to a year before your wedding day, because that's how far out makeup artists book up.  If you're working with a strict budget, the sooner the better since it may climb.

Here are her tips on how to find a good wedding day makeup artist:

1. Start with referrals. Personal referrals mean so much more than written reviews or ratings.  "You need to remember that reviews are subjective and sometimes work isn't good or bad," comments Madron.  "People have very different tastes and a good makeup artist will listen and do what the bride wants."

2. Find someone you're comfortable with.  "Sometimes you can tell just by looking at them," she laughs.  She's right.  If you're going to department store makeup counters to shop for an artist, steer clear of those with drag queen like looks.  Counters you may want to check out: Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Lancome.

3. Make sure they're calm.  Remember, it's your day and you're going to be nervous, excited and emotional.  The last thing you need is for your glam squad to be adding to your anxiety.  After all, isn't that what your mom's for?

4. Always bring photos.  "Photos say a thousand words," Madron explains. Your idea of natural may not be the same as someone else's.  Bring as many photos as you'd like to your trial and even bring some of your makeup along, too. It's good for your prospective makeup artist to know what colors you feel comfortable wearing on a daily basis.  Looking for photos? Check out my wedding day wishes pinterest board with tons of wedding day makeup inspiration shots.

5. Check out your makeup in different lighting.  Remember, your one makeup application needs to look good in daytime, nighttime, candle light and potentially, even in different climates.  After your trial, wear your makeup around for a while in different settings to see how it works.