Dear Jeannine... How do you find a dermatologist and self tanner?

I can't even begin to tell you how many questions I receive daily from women and men (yes, men too) about beauty and grooming.  So many that it encouraged me to start a "Dear Jeannine" column.  They come in from all angles: Facebook messages, emails, Twitter DM's and even Linked In.  I'm honored and humbled and love answering them!  If you have a question, the best way to submit is to go through BeautySweetSpot's Facebook Fan page.  From now on I'll be answering them all and occasionally publish Q&A's on the site.  Here's the first one:

Hi Jeannine!

I just read your article about tanning beds and I have to admit, I not only love them, I have one. In my house. Yeah, I know. I might as well smoke a pack of cigarettes a day! BUT, I recently had a moment where I felt the desire to embrace my fairness! I have not gone in a month and am feeling exactly as you described. Ugly, fat and unattractive. I am fighting the urge to hop back in. I wanted to try a couple of things you mentioned - a dermatologist and a self tanner. How did you find a good dermatologist? What self tanner do you recommend?

Thanks in advance for sharing. Your articles are fun reads!


Dear L,

Thanks for writing and for reading my Confessions of A Former Tanning Bed Addict post.  I had a feeling people would be able to relate to my experience.  First of all, I'm so proud of you for not tanning this month.  Not only is it unhealthy, but tanned skin isn't even attractive any longer... it's the glow you seek.  Get rid of that tanning bed asap (think of the new shoes you can purchase by selling it)!  Try St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse for body and Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads for Face (he has body ones too that are equally as awesome).

To find a dermatologist in your area, check the Academy of Dermatology's website.  You can also find free skin cancer screenings in your area there.  Hope this helps!