Latest Obsession: Learning How To Apply Fake Lashes

I've been obsessed with fake lashes lately and have been tweeting for Jeannine asking what kinds you use, which brings me to this article.  You already know your batters are more than just a fashion statement, buy they're also your number one tool for flirting. I had the chance to speak with NYC Brow Guru RAMY and get his top secrets on how to get apply sexy lashes in just a few simple steps: 1.      Apply eye liner and mascara before applying individual lashes

2.     Use a slant tweezers, such as Tweezerman Slant Tweezers, $25 this offers a wider grip than pointy tweezers.  (Katy Perry's a fan)

3.      Add two or three individual lashes to your outer eye which will make your eyes appear larger, and more almond shaped, try Ardell eyelashes, $20 that come in a variety of individual lashes available at drugstores

4.      Pick up each lash by gripping it by the end of the lash then dip the root of the lash into the glue

5.      Apply lash to desired area of lash line, make sure to get the root as close to the base of your lashes

6. Keep eye closed and allow for the glue to dry.  Don't rush!

Now you are ready to demand the attention of a room all in the blink of a “fake” eyelash! Don’t worry your falsely eyelashes are our little secret!