Hottest NYC Workout: Physique 57

A NYC phenomenon, Physique 57, promises to tone and sculpt their clients with their rigorous ballet inspired workouts created by founders Tanya Becker and Jennifer Maanavi.  Kelly Ripa credits the classes for her hot bod. Therefore, I had to check it out to see what all the hype was about. I had the pleasure of joining some of the most reputable beauty bloggers in NYC @Glambr, @eye4style and @fashionstbeauty (on twitter) for my first class.  The classroom was all mirrored with a soft carpet and lined with ballet barres.  Equipment included light free weights, mats, a light ball and strap.

I absolutely loved it.  Having a bit of a dance background helped when the instructor spoke about technique, but wasn't necessary.  Each routine was intense, but by the time I started to cringe because it was burning so badly we were moving on to something else.  So in the end, it wasn't all that bad.  The hour long class included a full body interval workout with light stretching in between tightening.

I'm definitely feeling it today in my butt and thighs, but love it because it's obvious I did something right! I'm definitely excited to go back with the girls and explore other new workouts that are becoming NYC phenomenons.