Hottest Male Celeb Hair Styles of 2011 & How to Get Him to Rock One

Let's be honest, you can totally fall in lust with a guy because of his hair and 2011 has been filled with sexy A-list coifs.  I picked out the top six (Yes, six, I wanted to do five, but couldn't leave out one of these crops.) male cuts and styles and spoke with Celebrity Stylist for Paul Mitchell, Diana Schmidtke to find out how you can help your man can accomplish the look that makes your heart race. Most women would bring a photo of a celeb to their stylist to demonstrate the look they're trying to accomplish and Schmidtke recommends men do the same. However, knowing Joe and most men, they would never bring a photo to their barber.  Could you imagine?  That's where you come in.

Use this a guide and help him style sans the embarrassment.  Schmidtke warns, "It’s important to note that a lot of cuts and styles are dependent on hair type so help him work with his stylist to get a variation of the look if your his type isn’t ideal."

Chace Crawford's medium length, shaggy cut works best with wavy or straight textures.  His front fringe is longer so he can sweep it over his eye creating a sexy, messy look. Mesmerizing!  Key product: A high-shine pomade for separation.

Robert Pattinson has a longer cut that gets tight in the back.  While he doesn't need much product, he does use a blow-dryer and round brush every once in a while for some added bounce.  No matter how much this hair cut makes you swoon, unless your man loves spending time in the bathroom getting ready, it's probably not for him.

Justin Bieber has longer layers in the front that gradually evolve into uniform layers that spike towards the back.  Key product: A paste to add texture and help separate the pieces in the front like Redken Mint Shape Forming Paste.

Ryan Reynolds has the most classic cut of all.  A bit spikey, tight at the nape and clean with longer layers at the top to give the appearance of movement.  Key product: a matte paste to add texture like AXE Hold & Touch.

George Clooney asks for a sheer, over-comb, short crop cut.  I'm not sure if it's the cut or the salt and pepper hair that gets me, but it's working.  I'm also a huge fan of the groomed scruff.  Key product: a moisturizing paste that makes hair appear thicker like Paul Mitchell Mitch Construction Paste.

Matthew McConaughey has long layers with naturally wavy hair.  The layers make the waves work well.  It's the hair even us girls wish we had!  Key product: a gel without sticky hold like Paul Mitchell Mitch Steady Grip.