Hot Ingredient for Sensitive Skin: Goat Milk

kate-somerville-goat-milkHave sensitive skin?  Or maybe your skin's been acting up?  Last week while in LA, I visited the Kate Somerville Clinic for a facial and fell in love with goat milk.  Found in many soaps and moisturizers, the ingredient is great for soothing and calming your skin.  Here's the scoop.

"Goat milk treats redness and inflammation and mildly exfoliates with Lactic Acid. I suffered from Eczema as a child and my parents would add goats milk to the bath to calm my skin," commented Kate Somerville.

It's so gentle that anyone can use it, but people with dry or sensitive skin will reap the most benefits.  Kate Somerville makes Goat Milk Cream that saved my skin and with the harsh winter weather, may just be what you've been looking for, too.