Hollywood's Top & Most Bizarre Beauty Treatments Make Reality Stars Look Good

After watching The Bachelorette season finale this weekend and then Bachelor Pad last night (don't judge me) it made me begin to think about all of the pressure people are under to look good on TV.  Take Emily, hair extensions?  Check.  Boobs?  Check.  Veneers?  Check.  A nose job?  Yes, even that.  The poor girl did almost a 180 between seasons.  Some of the former contestants who showed up on Bachelor Pad def had a few tweaks as well.  Me?  I own up to my clip in extensions!  Added boosts on TV are a must!  However, as I was researching I found that A-listers do some crazy things for the sake of beauty.  Things that make reality stars seem normal. J. Lo, The Placenta Facial

Placenta on your face!  You would never guess that Jennifer Lopez is 42 years old and maybe the Placenta Facial is her saving grace!  Celebs are swearing by this anti-aging facial that uses human placenta to enhance the natural production elastin and collagen.  While there is no research to support the treatment, the placenta is high in protein, vitamins and minerals and J. Lo reportedly gets them at least once a week.

Demi Moore, Leech Detox Therapy

Would you ever want a leech on you on purpose?  What is wrong with people?  While leech therapy is used in medical practices mainly for helping to remove blood clots, Demi Moore believes that letting "high level medical" leeches suck her blood is optimizing her health.  The leeches have an enzyme that gets released into your blood when they bite. You bleed for a while and your blood is detoxified.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Cupping

I'm sure you saw the tabloid images of poor Gwyneth all marked up.  This is why.  She was looking for a way to ease stress, increase circulation and rid ordinary aches and pains and tried cupping, a form of acupuncture in which glass cups are heated and placed onto the body creating a vacuum effect.  Her therapist had a hard time removing the suction, because she left with marks all over her back!  It’s a common side effect.

Simon Cowell, Oxygen Inhalation

Mr. Cowell’s been carrying around an oxygen tank to protect his youth!  He believes that breathing in pure oxygen will help rejuvenate his skin, fight off aging and decrease stress. Really?  Simon, really?