Hollywood's New Queen Bee: Taylor Momsen

Within the blink of an eye, Taylor Momsen has become the it girl of the moment. She practically graces every tabloid and even appears to be outshining her Gossip Girl costars- not an easy feat indeed. So why is Little J the object of the public’s fascination? Well, the actress knows how to juggle many different projects, as the lead singer for her rock band Pretty Reckless, and as the face of Madonna’s new fashion line “Material Girl” and John Galliano’s perfume debuting this fall. Taylor has also had a remarkable style evolution, from her ingénue days of playing it safe to her current dramatic look of platinum blonde hair extensions and raccoon eyes (and can’t forget that Joan Jett inspired do’ somewhere in between).

But as a girl with many talents, Taylor’s outspokenness seems to be getting the most recognition. I’m a bit torn on how I view her- recently, she said in an interview that she has no desire to be a role model. On one hand, she can really influence impressionable fans in a positive way, but... there’s no written rule that says every young celeb has to preach the same wholesome message. It’s refreshing to see someone her age not take herself too seriously. And hey, it’s a testament to her star power that she can elicit strong reactions from lovers and haters.

What do you think about Taylor’s carefree attitude? Is this pre-Madonna too hot to trot, or should she continue to push the envelope and take Hollywood by storm?