Hollywood's Leading Men Take on Two Roles

When I think of good looking men, three words normally come to mind: tall, dark and handsome.  However, it's come to my attention that there are two aesthetic trends that seem to be dominating Hollywood's leading men lately and tall, dark and handsome isn't one of them.  Meet the boys:

Type A: 

Chase Crawford, Zac Efron, Cha Somerhalder

This group of gentlemen are fairly new to the scene, young in age (and at heart), and are very particular with their grooming routine.  They can almost loose their identity to their hair, which most like to identify as the "messy" look, however each strand is carefully placed in its own chaotic direction until it looks neatly messy. 

Type B:

Paul Walker, David Beckham, Adrian Grenier

Welcome the grown and sexy.  They've been in the industry for a little while, if not years and don't rely on their look to help translate who they are.  Far from clean cut, but nicely groomed, these studs have full eyebrows and just enough stubble to let any passer by know, "I'm a man."

Which look do you like better?