Hollywood's Latest Must-Have: Clip In Bangs

Ever one to make a bold fashion statement, Kim Kardashian has been spotted recently sporting bangs. I’m amazed by how drastic Kim is willing to go looks-wise- like last year, when she went from her trademark long dark locks to blonde. And to me at least, bangs are just as much of a serious commitment as a new hair color, since they completely transform one’s look and require different types of styling. Well, Kim’s new bangs almost had me fooled….until I found out they weren’t actually real! Kim has been wearing clip-in bangs, Hollywood’s latest hair fad that has also been seen on the likes of Lea Michele and Jessica Simpson.  If you’ve always wondered how you would look with bangs but aren’t ready to hit the scissors just yet, these bangs are the perfect solution.

Kymaro Clip-In Bangs are a great option because they’re easy to use, incredibly affordable, and closely resemble human hair (unlike so many fake hair options out there)!  You simply clip the bangs in, and they’re heat friendly so they can be customized in any style you desire. They also come in an array of 15 shades, making it easy for you to choose one that’s close to your own hair color.

What do you think about this new hair accessory? Are you ready for some fringe?