Highlight Your Best Assets

A few years ago in Sin City I introduced my best girl friends to the secret behind the accenting glow that complimented my wardrobe each night.  Liquid highlighter.  It's one of my must-have finishing touches when hitting the scene.  My girls have been addicted ever since making it one of their secret beauty weapons.  

There are all different types to choose from, depending on where you want to use it and what look you would like to achieve.  If you're looking for a subtle glow on your face, I recommend Benefit Moon Beam,$24, at Sephora.  Dab a few drops underneath your eyebrow and on your cheek bones then blend.  The golden undertones will enhance your complexion and give you a radiant boost.

DEX New York Mineral Glow, $34, is a great pick for the face and body.  This reflective veil is made with a blend of antioxidants to protect your skin and is also loaded with minerals. The packaging is so clever.  The top comes off to reveal a spatula built in so you don't need to use your fingers to apply.  Accent your face, decolletage, shoulders and shins.  When the light catches these areas, all eyes will focus on your best assets.  Available in two shades at www.dexnewyork.com.