Helmut Lang Creates A Head Banging Party

As soon as I stepped into Pier 57 for the Helmut Lang show, I knew I was in for a treat. The studio looks like an abandoned warehouse and Helmut Lang took full advantage of it. There was loud music blaring before any of the guests walked in to set the tone for the day. The hair and makeup played right into the very cool atmosphere. The makeup look was thought up by Lisa Butler and executed by Cory Bishop, both from Temptu. Their watchwords were "sporty chic."  The duo wanted to create a face forward aggressive girl with attitude. To make the brow and eyes strong, they airbrushed the girls from the eyebrow (blonde) to the eyelid (brown).

They finished the eyes with black, waterproof mascara. To keep up with the active feel, they kept the face and lips dewy with sunset glow on the cheeks and a hydrating lip balm in VIP.


Paul Hanlon, the adorable hair genius for TIGI, wanted to invent a look for the girl who had spent the whole night headbanging at a concert. Definitely a little bit sweaty and greasy with plenty of spunk. The finished product was an unkempt, deconstructed knot. He began by spraying the whole head with TIGI Session Series' Salt Spray to take out the softness. Then, section by section, he ran Session Series' Styling Cream through the hair (an entire bottle per girl!). The hair was then fingercombed back into a messy ponytail. From there it was split into two big sections and tied like a shoelace. Right before the girls step foot on the runway, they got sprayed with Session Series' shine spray.

Definitely a fun look to try, especially on humid days when my hair won't do anything right. Word to the wise; to avoid looking dirty instead of cool, skip the styling cream and use mousse instead. It creates the same look without being too greasy.