Helena Christensen Talks Boundless Beauty with Silhouette

This week I attended an event for Silhouette eye wear with their Spokesmodel, Helena Christensen.  Besides having a Q&A with Helena (yes, we're on a first name basis), I'm super excited about getting fit for my first pair of Silhouettes. Unlike eye wear companies, Silhouette is 100% dedicated to creating solely rimless styles.  They customizes the glasses according to your brow line, eye color, skin tone and face shape.  Even though they're completely rimless, you have the option of adding a bit of personality to the sides if you choose. Considering the fact that I have the chunkiest, most masculine frames at home, I chose a delicate pair with thin, deep plum sides and somewhat rectangular frames with softer, rounded edges.  The brand launched their new crystal collection, which Helena partnered with and definitely makes the glasses more of an accessory.

Here are some highlights from the conversation with Helena:

  • She started modeling so she could learn photography.
  • "I believe true beauty is when a person shows strength and vulnerability."
  • Since she doesn't like to wear a lot of jewelry, she looks at her frames from the Silhouette crystal collection as her go-to accessory.
  • Whenever she travels she wears a protection medallion.
  • "Before taking a photo put yourself in a comfortable place so you don't start making funny faces."
  • If you caught her hanging out in Denmark over the summer she'll most likely be wearing unironed clothes and dreadlocks.