Interviews with Stars of the Red Dress Fashion Show

Backstage at the Heart Truth Red Dress Show last week the focus wasn't so much on "the look," but more on the message.  Each notable was walking in hopes to spread awareness of heart disease.  Did you know it was the number one killer amongst women?  Crazy right?  I chatted with Giada De Laurentiis, Taryn Manning (who is hysterical) and Sasha Cohen about walking in the show, their favorite way to wear red and the best piece beauty advice they've ever gotten.

Giada De Laurentiis

  • Runway Lesson:  I went to the BCBG show earlier this morning and learned I need to walk with my hips forward.
  • Who She Wore: Carolina Herrera
  • Favorite Way to Wear Red: I usually love to wear a red lip.  When I don't have time to do my makeup, I throw it on and that's all people look at.
  • Best Beauty Advice: My grandmother told me that as I get older and since I travel a lot I'm going to get circles under my eyes.  So she told me to get ice and put it in my sink with a little bit of water and dunk my face in it for two seconds.  I do it every morning when I travel and it really brings the puffiness down from underneath my eyes.

Taryn Manning

  • Runway Lesson:  I've watched a lot of runways growing up and when I put the dress on the designer taught me to do a U turn when I get to the end because of my train.  In acting that's called a banana or a snake so I understood.
  • Who She Wore: Carmen Marc Valvo
  • Favorite Way to Wear Red: I love a red pump.  I just wore a pair out by Dolce Vita.
  • Best Beauty Advice:  I've always had funky style and wear a bunch of hats, cause I'm a musician, too.  What I would do, is over do jewelry and stuff like that.  An old family friend, who I barely even know told me that less is more.  My mom told me she meant to lose the hat and the jewelry.  She was right.  Less makeup.  And shut your trap, too!  It goes for everything.

Sasha Cohen

  • Runway Lesson: I've seen a lot of shows so I'll just walk and have fun.
  • Who She Wore: Marc Bouwer
  • Favorite Way to Wear Red: I have pale skin and dark hair so I think a red  lip suits me well.
  • Best Beauty Advice: My mom always told me to take care of my skin.  I cleanse every day with a hot towel, tone then moisturize and add sunblock.  Always.