Have What it Takes to Be A Redhead?

A natural redhead is hard to come by, but these days, colorists have perfected their techniques to a T, making it harder to distinguish the real from the fake.  

Believe it or not, people born with natural red hair make up only 1% of the human population and only about 2% out of 300 million people in the US are redheads.    

There's actually a site MyRedHairGene.com, which allows you to order a Red Tracer DNA test from to see if you're a carrier of the "red hair gene." In order to have a redheaded child, both parents have to be a carrier of the certain gene, have red hair themselves or one has to have the gene and the other has to have red hair.  

Some hot natural redheads in Hollywood include: Lindsay Lohan (aka fire crotch), Isla Fisher, Kate Walsh, and Nicole Kidman.