Style Solutions for Rebellious Hair

style-solutionsDoesn't it always seem like no matter what you want your hair to do it does the opposite?  Happy Monday.  The latest crop of stylers that landed on my desk are far from ordinary. These style solutions are for rebellious hair.  I mean it.  Check out the latest... you can thank me later.

style-solutionsProblem: Fly-Aways

Solution: Shu Uemura Art of Hair Detail Master

This directional fixing spray is used to target hairs that may be out of place.  It's a fierce hold hair spray that leaves nothing but shine.  Yes, just shine.  Despite it's strength, it doesn't leave a sticky or crunchy residue.  Tip: Spritz some on a toothbrush and comb over fly-aways for a softer look and sleek finish.

style-solutionsProblem: Dry, Brittle Strands

Solution: Leonor Greyl  L'Huile De Leonor Greyl

This pre-shampoo treatment consists of a blend of copra oil and mongongo oil, which protect and regenerate your hair from the summer's elements.  Think chlorine and sun. It's also great for color treated hair.  Instead of working with dry, unruly tresses, say hello to hydration!

style-solutionsProblem: Frizz

Solution: Kerastase Maskeratine

If frizz is your problem, this mask is your solution.  After shampooing, let it sit on your strands for about five minutes.