Intern Review: Run, Don't Walk, Towards Hair Oil

As the seasons change from humid summer to crispy fall, so does my daily hair regimen. During the summer months, my hair is frizzy, huge, and downright gross. It takes four different products to weigh it down. The complete opposite is true for the colder seasons; my hair becomes dry and brittle... until Jeannine asked me to test Ojon's Restorative Hair Treatment, $19.50. The description had me hooked by boasting repairing damaged hair in just one treatment without parabens, but when I read in the directions to take the balm and rub between my palms to create an oil I wanted to abort the mission then and there. My hair is very fine and gets oily all on its own. I don't need products to add to the grease that forms within twenty four hours of shampooing. However, I couldn't resist the terrific, tropical smell and decided to try it out – at least for testing purposes.

I started by taking a very small amount (the box suggests 1/2 a teaspoon, but I used even less) and creating the oil. I then mentally crossed my fingers and ran the oil first through my ends, then the rest of my hair. After a couple minutes, I combed my hair to ensure it was thoroughly saturated. Despite my initial inhibitions, I was ecstatic with the results! My hair looked shinier and healthier than ever and I couldn't even feel the oil. The effect lasted throughout the day with no signs of greasiness. I have been using it every day since and my hair has never looked better!