Hair & Makeup Secrets from Celebrity Glam Squads

One of the reasons I love my job is because I'm lucky enough to have Ashley Greene's stylist on my speed dial.  Hey, you never know when you may need cover worthy texturized waves.  Right?  The geniuses behind red carpet hair and makeup looks are who I consider celebrities, really, really talented ones.  I spoke to a few of my faves who work on stars like Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, and Jennifer Aniston (to name a few) to get their biggest secrets. My styling trick is that I use a curling iron on hair in smaller sections. Then, after curling the entire head I come back with a flat iron. This creates an amazing texture and smooth sleekness for the hair. - Ted Gibson

My secret eyeshadow trick, whenever I do a big hairdo I will ask my clients makeup artist for an eyeshadow that is close to their natural hair color and fill in their part on the hairline. Especially on brunettes, it makes the hair look fuller and thicker.Jen Atkin, Celebrity stylist for Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy

I'm all about layering! To get your makeup last longer, apply liquids and creams first and then powders on top to set them. - Mai Quynh

After preparing your hairstyle take your favorite control hairspray and spray it on our brush.  Then, simply brush it through your hair and distribute evenly over the length of the hair from the roots to the ends. This will allow your style to maintain its bounce and style. - Sascha Breuer

Wrap a small section of hair around a curling iron. After the hair is warmed thoroughly, carefully unwrap the curled hair from the iron and while the section is still warm give it just a light tug. Pulling lightly on the hair allows the wave to settle a bit. This creates that great easy going wave pattern that's cool and easy for summertime! - John D., Tresemme Celebrity Stylist

The trick to looking wide eyed and bushy tailed is this: Chalky White Matte eyeshadow. I use a little with a fluffy eye blender brush and blended it onto the cheek bone and lightlty pulled that into the under eye area.  the final touch was placed on the inner corner of her eyes as well as underneath her lower lash line. - Kate McCarthy, Celebrity Makeup Artist for glominerals

To get truly natural looking beach texture, spritz slightly damp hair with a little bumble and bumble surf spray and section hair into four rough peices. Braid each section and finish drying the braided section with a hairdryer and let cool. When you take the braids out, you will have beautiful but uneven texture that can be pieced out with a little hair creme. - Alex Polillo