Hair Color You Need to Know About

For years there has been three different ways to color your hair: permanent, semi-permanent and demi-preferment.  They're all good options for different reasons.  Let's explore: Permanent dye contains ammonia and doesn't wash out, it has to grow out..  It can drastically change your hair's color and even lighten it.  Semi-permanent dye doesn't contain peroxide or ammonia and can take your hair color a level or two deeper, but only lasts about ten shampoos.  Whereas demi-permanent also intensifies your hair color, but lasts longer (up to about 20-25 shampoos).

Now, there's a new form of permanent hair dye that doesn't have ammonia so it's kinder to your hair and doesn't smell toxic.  Introducing L'Oreal Professional Inoa, which is based on an oil delivery system.

"It was hard to believe that as a colorist, we were going to get a permanent hair color without ammonia that really delivers and doesn't irritate our client's scalps," commented Joel Warren, colorist and partner of Warren-Tricomi Salon in NYC.

Next time you're going for a dye job, if you're considering permanent,make sure you ask your stylist for Iona.  It will be a much more pleasurable experience for you and your strands!