Purple Hair, Don't Care

If I wasn't getting married in about three months I'd do it.  I'd dye my hair purple, permanently.  While I wouldn't be able to go as drastic as Nicole Richie, I'm picturing more of an ombre style with my brunette hair leading to violet tips.  Thinking about switching up your hair color for spring?  Purple is the only non-natural shade that compliments all skin tones.  I got the scoop from Nicole's colorist, Danny Moon from the Andy Lecompte Salon, on how her exact shade and have recs on how how you can get it, too.

Danny used Pravanas ChromaSilk pastels and vivids to create Nicole's color in the salon.  Unfortunately for us, we don't all have the luxury of visiting Danny in LA, but we can still get the look.

Temporary: L’Oréal Professionnel Hairchalk

For the commitment phobes who just want to have fun (like myself), L'Oreal Professionnel Hairchalk is the way to go.  The shade: First Date Violet.  When using hair chalk, I recommend creating peek-a-boo streaks or coloring just the ends to create an ombre effect.

Permanent: Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Hair Color

The Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Hair Color in London Lilac is vibrant and last about eight weeks, just like an in-salon color would.