Guerlain Spa: Effectively Pampering

Guerlain-Spa1Last week, instead of facing the usual mid-week 4pm crash, I had the luxury of slipping into a heated bed at the Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria to test out their Abeille Royale Youth Facial instead.  Not a bad way to rejuvenate.  While my afternoon of work seemed fancy, I left finding the spa impressive, the facial extremely satisfying (you know, not the kind where they just rub creams all over your face), and with lots to write about.  

The Guerlain Spa's Abeille Royale Youth Facial started with a foot massage.  Dead serious.  I'm always skeptical when I go to new places for facials, because while being pampered is nice, I like results.  Not that I don't believe that they can't go hand in hand, but I know facials.  Microdermabrasion, peels, extractions... bring it on.

This was a deep cleansing facial, which is exactly what I needed (extractions and such), but while masks sat on my face to dry, my hands were massaged and they placed in paraffin gloves.  A nice touch in deed.  Now that I told you about some of the pampering touches, here's what I really found most impressive about it.

As a 'youth facial' the whole Guerlain Abeille Royal skincare line was used, which is known for firming and toning the skin.  The main ingredient: honey.  Besides being moisturizing, honey is also anti-inflammatory, brightening and soothing.  My esthetician, Alina Cimpoeru, said it also repairs collagen overtime, which I didn't know.

The spa was gorgeous, as it should have been being that it was at the Waldorf.  While waiting you're offered champagne or tea (I chose the latter) and you nestle into a private pod until your therapist calls.  Each treatment room had it's own bathroom with a shower, locker and phone charger.  I will definitely definitely be going back.

The Guerlain Spa is located at the Waldorf Astoria Towers at 100 East 50th St. New York, NY 10022.  You can book an appointment by calling 212.872.7200.