If Your Boyfriend's Turning Into A Silver Fox, Take Note

It's clear that men naturally age better than women, but what do you all think of guys with grey hair?  I think post college it's completely acceptable and super sexy to see a man with a few greys, but before that it's kind of awkward and I knew a guy who was 100% grey all through college.  Yes, ladies, it can happen very early.  Until now, I've never thought about how the men react to turning grey.  Turns out, they're just like us with less options. If your BF is turning into a silver fox, take note as he may not be as comfortable with it as you'd think. Check out this article in GQ where an editor tried to dye his greys only to find it gave him 'off medical-marijuana-grade levels of extreme paranoia' constantly wondering if people thought it looked fake. If I had a grey I would never know it since I've been dying my hair since I was 16.  Joe has a few, (which I think are sexy), but is still blessed with a full head of black hair.

There's a product called Touch of Grey, which is a hair dye for men that let's some grey come through so it looks natural that I made my dad try once (yes, he acted as a guinea pig).  He liked the results as it did what it promised and didn't take much time so he used it for special occasions. In the end, he's just not that high maintenance and since he's in his 50's having a full head of grey hair doesn't bother him.

George Clooney, who's perhaps one of the sexiest men alive with grey hair once was quoted in the Daily Mirror saying, "I'm old. I’m comfortable with getting older because it’s better than the other option, which is being dead." He's had greys since he was 33, so I imagine he became more comfortable with it as he got older.  Then again, what would Mr. Clooney ever have to be insecure about?

Yes, being older with grey hair is one thing, but if your guys is starting to turn grey just know he may not be as comfortable with it as you'd think.  Would you be?