Grammy Beauty Highs and Lows

The Grammys were filled with highs last night – from Beyonce and Jay Z's super sexy performance to Drunk in Love to couples getting married to Same Love – the show lived up to expectations.  The red carpet however, was full of major hits and misses.  If you were following along on Twitter, I was live tweeting red carpet looks and had a great time with many of you.  Thanks for joining in!  Here are some of the most shocking Grammy beauty highs and lows.  

HIGH: Beyonce's body.  Enough said.  I made it to an early barre class on a Monday morning and I bet you got your workout in already as well.

LOW: Madonna wore a grill.  Why?  Under her signature, perfectly painted red lip, the songstress decided she needed a gold grill.  Did you catch the moment on the red carpet where she told her son he could get one for his birthday?  Eh.

HIGH: Taylor Swift's Barbie inspired ponytail.  Good for her for rocking such a playful, feminine look with that metallic Gucci gown.  It almost made me want to get a clip on one so I can swish my hair back and forth like her.

LOW: Ariana Grande's hair tie.  Yes, it made an appearance yet again.  Will someone get this girl a hair stylist? 

HIGH: Paris Hilton's texturized updo.  While I never thought I'd include her in any sort of positive write up again, I have to hand it to the heiress.  Her hair was on point last night.  Kudos to her stylist. 

LOW: Rita Ora's nails.  Seriously?  While I can still get behind nail art, hers looked like trash.

HIGH: Jared Leto's ombre.  I haven't been able to keep my mind off of him all awards season.  Let's just say it's all because of his hair.  You too?  Then check this out and thank me later.

LOW: Sara Bareilles's "Katniss Everdeen" inspired braids.  Fail.  I think "inspired" is the wrong word.  She actually looked like she was a poor 16 year old fighting for survival.