Gossip Girl Inside Scoop

Spotted: BeautySweetSpot's own, Jeannine Morris, inside the hair and makeup trailer on the set of Gossip Girl.

No kidding, I was freaking out inside, but totally playing it cool while I was there.  Gossip Girl was filming all day outside of my offices and yes, the whole crew was there.  Naturally, on my lunch break a coworker and I decided to casually stroll over to the taping to check out the scene.

Standing outside Japonais waiting anxiously to get a glimpse of Nate or (OMG) Chuck Bass were a bunch of girls, but the filming was going on inside.  My coworker and I found ourselves amongst the group until she had the brilliant idea to find the hair and makeup trailer and drop off some of the brands we rep at our PR agency.

We simply knocked on the door and the head makeup artists and hairstylists invited us in.  There were some photos of Chase up on the wall, everything was very neat and clean and I've never seen so many hot tools in my life. Kerastase and Bed Head were two of the brands that were all over the hair table.  Jennifer, one of the hair stylists who did Blake Lively that morning said Blake requested David Babaii's Wildaid Bohemian Beach Spray so they've been using it on her to create beachy waves.  

My sneak peek inside Gossip Girl's hair and makeup trailer was even more exciting than it would have been if I saw Blair in person.