God Bless the World Cup

Soccer fan or not there are plenty of reasons to watch the world cup.  I used to think baseball had the best looking athletes (well, the NY Yankees anyway), until I discovered where all of the underwear models came from.  You don't see Derek Jeter or A-Rod in Armani Exchange boxer briefs do you?  Some men are just meant to be draped across billboards in their underwear, and those men play soccer.  Let the games begin! One of my fave sites, Style.com pulled together their World Cup Dream Team with some of these model hotties plus more and I couldn't be more thankful. From Calvin Klein model Fredrik Ljungberg to my personal favorite, D&G's Italian stallions, they're all there.

Boyfriend a soccer fan?  Kick back and watch the games with him.  He won't know you're watching for the wrong reasons.