Go Backstage at Toni Francesc

Overheard backstage: "Toni wanted it like this, no he wanted it more gold." "Toni wanted... Toni wanted... Toni asked for..."  Toni Francesc was very involved with the whole backstage collaboration of hair and makeup this season.  He wanted the overall look to reflect the theme of his show "Artificial Life," where technology and human come together.

Makeup was done by Mehron and the most interesting part was the use of the gold powder on the hallows of the cheeks and the lips.  On the lips it was pressed in so it reflected off and into the cameras lenses.  There was no definition in the lip at all.  The brows were drawn on strong with black eye liner and brushed over with a mascara wand so they would peak through the short black bangs of the wigs that were about to cover them.

Nelson Cartaya of Salerm lead the hair team by placing the hair in buns on the top of the head and then applying short, chic black wigs with full fringe on 15 models.  "I believe the black color symbolizes the color of iron and reflects the industrial theme of the show," Cartaya commented.