Go Backstage at Tibi

The Fall 2010 collection was a combination of greys and dirty mauves mixed into fabrics of velvets and satins. Sticking with the color scheme of the clothing, Wendy Rowe of Bobbi Brown used greys and blacks on the eyes to compliment it. On models of lighter skin tones she used Bobbi Brown Slate Eye Shadow and on darker she used a more greyish-mauve shade called Suede.  To create a 1950's cat eye, she lined the top of the lids with black eye liner and added some false lashes to the outer corners.  The skin was a satin finish and lip was a soft pink, Beige Lip Color.

"Curly girls are happy girls," Frank Rizzieri of R Session Tools stated backstage when describing the reasoning behind the look.  Using two irons throughout the whole head, one 1/4" and the other 3/4", spiral curls were created on each model.  They weren't cookie-cutter curls, but instead had the look of coming home from the party curls.

R Session Tools is known for their innovative hot tools and they introduced me to their new red mat that they were laying all of their curling irons and blow dryers on.  The red turns white when your tool is heated up and protects the counter space.  It also keeps your hair dryer from vibrating off your dresser when placing it down for a second.

Dashing Diva kept the nails short and natural and painted a mushroomy color on all of the models.  Patti Yankee explained it was a mix of Astor Place and West Village that she created for the show.  "There's such a demand for this color right now we're trying to get it into production as soon as possible," she concluded.