Go Backstage at Mackage

I woke up this morning feeling like I was about to go through sorority recruitment all over again, or my ninth season of fashion week!  An intense week of events and a huge work load lied before me, but being the first day of New York Fashion Week, I sprung out of bed this morning (flipcam and crackberry in hand) and was at the tents by 8 am to cover backstage for Mackage.  

Walk of shame hair was the inspiration behind the "perfectly unperfect look" styled by Anthony Barrow for Avon. You can easily pull it off for a night out (or the morning after) by dramatically parting your hair to the side showcasing one eye and blow drying straight.  Before securing in a clear elastic at the base of your neck, tease the crown to create texture and finish with a shine spray.

A strong eye like the one Shiseido artist, Nobuko Yamada, created for Mackage is easy to achieve.  The key to creating a wet look that stays put is eye gloss.  Yamada first lined the outer and inner top and bottom lids with black liner, then used a black shadow and topped it off by patting eye gloss on top.  Tip: If you don't have eye gloss, you can use a clear lip gloss to create the same effect.

Check out the below video for a sneak peek of behind the scenes and click here to view the show.