Go Backstage at Cynthia Rowley

The Cynthia Rowley fashion show was held at Gotham Hall this year and backstage was surprisingly calm. There were two strikingly different things about the look that caught my attention, beauty was an accessory in these cases: straight eyelashes and jewel-toned extensions.

The Lashes

Inspired by a girl gang look, two layers of real lashes were blended together and accentuated with eye liner to create an almond shaped eye. Before applying lashes, MAC Makeup Artist, Val Garland, said the team straightened the lashes with a hair straightener.  "The straight lashes act like a double viser over the eye, bring back lashes in a fresh, modern way," she commented.  Tip: Don't try to straighten your synthetic lashes at home, they'll melt!  

The Extensions

Instead of using extensions to add volume or length to the models hair, Antonio Prieto who created the look for Wella used jewel-toned pieces as accessories.  "They're a modern twist to extensions," he stated.  The pieces were dyed, crimped and curled to create texture before being placed into the models hair.