Boost Your Color with John Frieda's New Glosses

John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette Color Glaze has been a staple in my shower for at least the past five years.  As a brunette who likes to deepen her color every few months, I live for glosses in between dye jobs.  Not only do they help enrichen my color once it begins to fade, but they also keep my hair shiny.  That's why when I heard that the brand was launching new and improved at-home glosses I jumped at the chance to test them out. Here's why you should, too.

The version I'm used to using was sort of like a one-size-fits-all.  If you had brown hair, you used the Brilliant Brunette Color Glaze.  While it worked to coat my strands by depositing a temporary medium brown shade, it had a warmth to it that brought out reddish undertones in my hair. Let's face it, after a dye job oxidizes, reddish undertones look better than washed out hair color.  I was satisfied... until my next dye job.

Now, the updated glosses mimic their in-salon treatments and are customized to suit your hair color and tone.  I use the Colour Refreshing Gloss for cool brunettes in between dyes and it enriches my color just a bit while canceling out the redness so I'm able to keep my hair color in check in between dye appointments.  Plus, it has all of the shine benefits.  These new glosses come in six different shades: warm and cool versions for brunettes, blondes and red heads.

Find John Frieda Colour Refreshing Gloss for $12.99 at drugstores.

*This is a sponsored post by John Frieda, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.