Allison Williams & I Talk Jiggly Arms, & Blue Shadow...

Allison Williams is one of those actresses everyone loves.  When I had the opportunity to interview her, I felt like I just wanted to hang out with her and become her BFF (obvi).  The Girls star has had everyone talking lately since she killed it at the Emmys in a simple Ralph Lauren.  Here, she talks her beauty regimen compared to her character, Marnie's, and the motivation behind her workout, which will get any NYer into the gym. What are your top 3 beauty must-haves right now and why? My top beauty must have is Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes. I use them constantly especially when I'm traveling. They cleanse and refresh my skin mid-flight.  I love using the Protecting Light Moisturizer with SPF 15 under my make-up. It is a great moisturizer and also protects my skin from the sun. And of course I love some kind of lip balm, like ChapStick, to keep everything moisturized.

What do would you say are your Girls character, Marnie Michaels', top beauty must haves and why? I think Marnie owns a plethora of hair products. Her hair is sometimes straight, sometimes it's almost frizzy, curly, etc. I think she plays a lot with her hair. She also definitely has a bunch of blue eyeshadows and liners, as I think someone probably told her when she was younger that it brings out the blue in her eyes.

If you could give your younger self once piece of advice what would it be?

Everything's going to be okay. Stop trying to be popular and just allow yourself to be the drama geek you are.

What's the best piece of career advice you've ever gotten and who was it from?

"Celebrate every small victory, but never stop pushing yourself." - Rita Wilson

How do you stay in shape, and what is your workout motivation?

My workout motivation is just the desire to keep everything taught...I hate the feeling of things jiggling when I'm on the subway! That's when it always hits me, for some reason. I have a fast metabolism, but thin with no muscle tone is weird looking, in my opinion. So I love doing Soul Cycle for cardio and fun, and I love doing Core Fusion at the Exhale Spas for stretching and strengthening. Both together are the perfect combination.