Get Nicole Richie's Golden Globes Hair in 5 Simple Steps

As I mentioned in a previous post, Nicole Richie was one of my absolute favorite looks of the night.  I always love her style and no matter what way she wears them, she has the best bangs!  I still bring a photo of her side bangs to my stylist every time I get them trimmed.  I spoke with her Golden Globes stylist, Jenny Cho for Suave on how to get her red carpet 'do. 1. Start with clean, dry hair and spritz dry shampoo like Suave Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo directly into the roots on the crown of your head and in the front.  Refresh your blowout with your hairdryer and a round brush working the dry shampoo into the hair to create texture.

2. Section off the hair around the crown of your head and tease it to create volume and clip it aside.

3. Use a half boar bristle, half nylon brush to smooth out your hair on the sides and back of your head pulling it back and securing it into a ponytail.

4. Take a side section and wrap it around the ponytail, securing with a bobby pin. Take the opposite side and do the same to cover the elastic.

5. Finally, take the teased crown section that you set aside and lightly smooth it back with a brush over the ponytail.  Secure with bobby pins.