Get Jennifer Hudson's Look

With her new figure and glowing complexion, Jennifer Hudson has been on everyone's radar these days.  I got the scoop from Celebrity Makeup Artist and author of The Basics of Beauty, Sam Fine, on how to achieve her  look for a recent shoot.

"Even though Jennifer has gorgeous skin, every great look begins with coverage," Fine commented.  African American skin tends to have various tones, so to even it out, he used Queen Collection Natural Hue Compact Foundation.  Because it's a cream to powder formulation, it looks very natural.

When choosing a bronzer always go one shade darker than your natural skin tone. On Jennifer, Fine dusted CoverGirl Natural Hue Mineral Bronzer to the outside perimeter of her face to create a "halo of a glow."  To add a pop of color, he used Cargo's Matte Blush in Laguna.

"I wanted to keep her eyes subtle and classic for this shoot so I went with a brown shadow by Shue Uemura," Fine remarked.  Skipping eyeliner, he went right to layering mascara to enhance her eye shape with CoverGirl LashBlast.  "It's important to allow mascara to completely dry in between coats.  Move on an do something else in between."

To perfect Jennifer's nude lip, Fine lined them with a shade darker than her natural lip color.  "One of the biggest mistakes women make is trying to perfectly match their lip liner to their lipstick," he stated.  "If you don't match it to your lips, it will look great with any shade of lipstick."  Lip liner also makes a great base for lipstick if you feather it into your lips when you're done lining.  He topped off her pout with Iman Cosmetics Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick in Citron and CoverGirl Shine Blast Lip Gloss.