The Secret to Achieving Real Results at the Gym

Have you ever completely questioned or changed your workout regimen?  I'm just starting to realize that change is good.  Since I was living in the same neighborhood in NYC, I comfortably attended the same workout classes with the same trainer for the past five years.  Happily fit, I never questioned my routine until now. We moved to Jersey and while I was out of my comfort zone, I entered a new challenge and you're not going to believe it – I now work out with all women and like it.  I joined Get in Shape for Women in Westfield, NJ with my mom.  It's an all women's personal training gym.  There's never more than four women training at a time with one trainer, but sometimes it's just my mom and I.  We start off doing a half hour of weight training (including TRX and swinging kettle bells) and finish with a half hour of cardio.

I completely underestimated what I was getting myself into.  I used to look at going to the gym after work like going to happy hour.  A bunch of attractive young professionals in NYC attempting to look even more attractive.  Working out was social.  Moving to New Jersey and going to an all women's gym with my mom seemed, well, different.  I laughed at the idea, but was excited to have a personal trainer again.

Let me tell you, it kicked my ass!  Quickly realizing my weakness on day one, weight training, I learned something quickly: If you want to lose weight or stay thin, you should do cardio.  But unless you want to become a smaller version of exactly who you are or stay the same, you also need to hit the weights to really sculpt.

My new gym for the summer , Get in Shape for Women is on 327 South Ave. in Westfield, NJ 07090.