Get A Whiter Smile

A perfect smile goes a long way when it comes to first impressions.  The very reason why many celebs have turned to porcelain veneers, they're perfectly straight, even and very white. I reached out to NYC cosmetic dentist, Dr. Debra Glassman who has many celeb clients including Jennifer Hudson to get the 411 on how to keep your teeth white and bright.

In office whitening normally takes about 45 minutes and costs about $500, but you don't have to break the bank to get a stunning smile.  At home whitening kits are best done when using a gel technique.  "Use trays over strips.  I find the strips work well on tiny teeth, but sometimes they don't cover the entire enamel and cause the teeth to whiten unevenly," comments Dr. Glassman.  She recommends using Mentedent Home Whitening Kit, $39.99.  

Once you complete a whitening kit, follow these tips to ensure your smile stays white and bright:

  • Change your toothbrush every month because as the bristles wear, they won't remove the plaque and stain as well.  
  • Brush your tongue!  Plaque and bacteria build up on your tongue also create stains on your teeth.  
  • Use a whitening toothpaste like StarBrite twice a day.  
  • Chew gum.  Believe it or not, chewing sugarless gum has been approved by the ADA to remove food particles and stain from your teeth.  Try Orbit White.
  • Have an apple.  They're another great tool to keep your teeth stainless when on the go.
  • Drink water after drinking coffee or wine.  Swish it around in your mouth, it helps.
  • Brighten your smile with lipstick.  Stay away from orangey shades because it will bring out any yellow undertones in your teeth.  Try a blue red or berry tone.

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