Get A Smooth Shave Down There

Whether you're ready or not Memorial Day weekend is a month away and for many of us, we'll be hitting the beach!  What's more embarrassing than having shaving bumps and irritation around your bikini line?  I got the scoop from King of Shaves Master Barber, Diane Wood, on how to get the smoothest shave where it counts the most.  Check it out: Is there anything a woman should do to prep before shaving her bikini area?

Exfoliate! Right before you shave, use a washcloth with a moisturizing body wash to gently scrub your skin using circular motions. This removes dead skin and ensures that you'll get a closer shave.

Also, I suggest to use an electric clipper (before getting into the shower) to remove most of the hair’s length if it is longer than 1/8 of an inch.  If you skip this step, you’ll have a lot of trouble trying to remove the hair later on with a shaving razor alone.

Should she shave in the beginning or end of the shower and why? The best time to shave is after being in the shower or bath for at least 5 minutes. Wet hair is easier to cut, and the warm water and steam soften the hair and open the pores which will makes shaving easier.

When applying shaving cream is there a proper technique? Apply shaving gel in a circular motion. This technique will pack the hair follicle with gel, raising hairs upward and allowing you to get the closest shave possible.

What's your favorite shaving product?

I prefer shaving gels like Queen of… Ooh la la! over traditional creams since low foam gels are made with higher quality ingredients and they allow for greater visibility when shaving.   It is important to avoid using products that contain soap and alcohol! Both soap and alcohol are very drying on the skin (especially when coupled with shaving) and can lead to razor irritation and ingrown hairs.

How many days in between shaving the bikini area should a woman wait to ensure a smooth, bump free shave? The key to a bump free shave is shaving correctly (and has less to do with how long you wait in between shaves).  Some women have more sensitive skin than others; however, using the right shaving technique should minimize any irritation.  If you notice an area with skin irritation or ingrown hairs and you must shave, do not shave over the area more than once.  Running a blade over the skin will just aggravate the area and lead to pain and irritation.

What is the appropriate way to shave the bikini area? Always shave the bikini area with the grain and never against it! The biggest mistake women make when it comes to shaving this area is definitely shaving against the grain of hair growth! Shaving against the grain leads to ingrown hairs* and shaving irritation.  Women should always follow the direction of hair growth while shaving. If the hair grows downward, shave downwards and NEVER upwards! If you want a closer shave after shaving with the grain, try shaving across the grain to achieve a supper smooth shave.

Right after shaving, are there any products you recommend to keep the area smooth and irritation free? After shaving, always splash the skin with cold water to soothe the skin and close your pores.  Try not to expose skin to anything irritating right after shaving (sea water, perfumed lotion etc.). Wait for pores to close (about an hour if possible) to reduce the risk of irritation, and then always add an oil-free moisturizer to calm and revitalize your skin.