Gemini 14: Manhantan's Elite Extension Hot Spot

I've been going to the same hair stylist, Naomi, for about the past three years with some cheating in between, (don't judge!, I have to, I'm a beauty blogger!) but our relationship recently changed when he told me he was leaving my hair salon.

I consider my relationship with him somewhat of a Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves relationship.  Besides my dad and brother, he's next in line of men I trust (it is my hair!).  Thankfully, he didn't stray too far and introduced me to one of the most coveted salons in NYC for hair extensions, Gemini 14.

Conveniently, I happen to have extensions right now too so his move felt right.  The week he started there the salon was all over the news including AOLStylist, because one of their clients claimed to pay $10,000 for hair extensions three times a year!  I was now a new extension client.

Home to starletts such as Julianne Moore and Miley Cyrus, Gemini 14 is glamourous, but the people who work there aren't the least bit snooty.  And even though extensions may cost a pretty penny it's because the hair is real and of the best quality.  Their prices for color, cuts and blow outs are pretty standard for NYC so I highly encourage you to check it out.