Gearing Up for the Olympics

The 2010 Olympics right around the corner.  I can only imagine the excitement and anxiety the athletes are feeling as they only have eight days left.  I got the inside scoop on what some of the most talented US Olympic teams are doing to prepare.  

Olympic champion, Dorothy Hamill, who won the gold for figure skating at the 1976 Winter Games in Innsbruck, Austria said the figure skating team competing this year are paying attention to optimal nutrition, effortless beauty and easy fitness.

Moisturizing is key since the athletes are spending long hours on the ice. Her favorite, Vaseline Clinical Therapy. Eating breakfast and having nutritious snacks in between meals is key to maintaining energy and working with fitness buddies on and off the ice is a constant form of motivation for the team.

On another note, the US Olympics Ski and Snowboarding team munch on Shaklee Energy Chews to boost their endurance and energy. The green tea acts as natural caffeine and allows them to focus and fly all day.