For Love or Money: Top 25 Highest Paid Men

Recently Fortune ran an article featuring the top 25 highest paid men and it made me think.  I couldn't imagine ever making one million never mind $87.5 a year like the President and CEO of Liberty Media. I thought about these men, mostly middle aged and up and how although some of them may have wives and family a lot of them can and most likely do date younger – a lot younger.  Why wouldn't they? Which brings me to thinking about the younger women, women my age (and hey, even younger).  What are their intentions?  For love or money?  That answer seems to be clear.  If you scroll through the list of multi-millionaires none of them are lookers.  While I'm sure some of them have fantastic personalities, let's be honest, the security the dollar signs bring is what these women want.

The winner by a long shot is Ralph Lauren (if someone was going to fantasize about scoring one of these money bags). Grown and sexy, the designer made number 20 on the list making $27.7 million last year.  Congrats to him!

Bottom line – money doesn't bring happiness. Thoughts?