For the Fellas

Ladies, encourage your man to take part in the first annual Kiehl's Shave Swap!  To show appreciation for their male customers and in hopes of gaining some new ones, the company is inviting men to their free-standing stores to trade in one of their shaving creams (it has to be at least 4 oz.) for a 5 oz. tube of their best-selling Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream in White Eagle, Blue Eagle or Green Eagle.

Personal consultations are also being offered with Kiehl's customer representatives so men can leave with samples that are appropriate for their skin and hair type. 

Having trouble getting your guy to partake in the festivities?  No problem, you can snatch his usual shaving cream out of his medicine cabinet and go to Kiehl's for him.  Next time he goes to shave, he'll be pleasantly surprised.

Visit here to find a Kiehl's free-standing store near you.  The Shave Swap lasts through June 7th.