Behind the Scenes of My Flirt! Cosmetics Video Shoot

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be part of a Flirt! cosmetics video campaign and let me tell you, I couldn't be more excited as 'flirt' is my middle name. We shot at the Kohls in the Jersey City mall (where Flirt! is sold) and Holly of the Flirt! PR team was my host, which made it so much fun.  Holly and I talked about flirting tips and of course, which features to play up while trying to lure over your object of affection.

My answer: your eyes.  Your eyes can do all the flirting!  If you're a frequent BeautySweetSpot reader you know how often I use the term "eye sex."  Obviously I didn't say eye sex during the Flirt! video, but hey, it works!  My secret weapon: Flirt! It Curl Mascara.  The wand is curved so it curls your lashes as you apply, opening your eyes allowing for better eye contact, which is key to getting your flirt on.

The online video series will be live later in the fall and I'll post it on BeautySweetSpot for you all to see!