Flirt! Big Flirt Sheer & Shiny Lipgloss Review

Bigger is always better.  No?  Come on ladies, admit it.  If you're with me (and I know you are) then you're going to love my latest find – Flirt! Big Flirt Sheer and Shiny Lipgloss, $15.50.

I always choose lip glosses in pale pink or berry shades that have just enough stick factor to them to make them last, but not nearly enough to allow my hair get caught.  If the tube is tiny, that's normally looked at as a bonus because it fits into any clutch and sometimes just my wallet when I carry it around.

Well, this lip gloss has the right texture and is available eight shades (my favorite is Big Pink Kisses), but is enormous!  When you pop the brush out of the tube all of the color is concentrated on the top and sinks into your lips upon application.  The tube is .37 oz, which is more than double the typical lip gloss we normally buy (think Bobbi Brown or Lancome) and I'm obsessed with the huge brush and never lose it in my purse.

*Available at Kohls or on in August