Workout for Better Sex

It’s guaranteed that if you and your partner work out regularly you’re going to have better sex.  That’s a no brainer — but let’s explore why getting fit will take your bedroom session from normal to mind blowing: 1. Confidence: Even if you don’t look as toned as Victoria and David Beckham, if you know you’re in great shape for your body type — when the clothes come off, it’s on.  There’s nothing worse than being insecure between the sheets.  (Ever hear him say, “Can we turn off the lights?”)

2. Stamina:  How many miles can you run? Great, then keep going.  Who says squats are only for the gym?  Sex is a work out.  No?

3. Awareness: Understanding what your body is capable of including likes, dislikes and how strong you are is a big plus when hitting the sack.  Can you do a split?  Few push ups?  You know what I’m getting at… *wink*

Now get to it!  Hit the gym and bring him too! And remember — just one-half hour of romping around between the sheets or hey, on the kitchen sink, in the shower... can burn between 50 – 100 calories.