Fit Tip: Target Your Obliques for Killer Abs

I love going to the gym, but sometimes get stuck in a rut doing the same routine over and over so I'm constantly looking for new exercises to do to keep my workout interesting. Working my abs is my favorite part (I hate cardio) so I thought I'd share this fit tip with you. Your abs are made up of four main muscle groups and in order to have a completely toned stomach, you need to target them all.  Celebrity trainer to Anne Hathaway and Heidi KlumDavid Kirsch gave me the scoop on how to get killer abs. Start off by doing a set of basic crunches to get your core warmed up, then begin focusing on your obliques.  ”Lay on your right side with knees bent, right arm on the floor in front of you, left hand behind your head,”  Kirsch explains. ”Crunch, lifting your knees straight up and bringing your left shoulder toward them; pause, lower and repeat.”

Make sure you’re engaging your lower abs and breathing in through your nose as your legs go down and out through your mouth as they come up.  Try doing three sets of 12 crunches on each side three times a week.  It's worth it!